Contractors park on grass verge to put up ‘no parking on the verge’ signs

Contractors have been pictured parking on a grass verge while putting up a ‘do not park on the grass verge’ sign.

An eagle-eyed neighbour snapped the crew as they put up the ‘no motor vehicle parking on verge or footway’ sign in Birmingham.

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There are fears the workers could have damaged the turf in Hall Green, and the issue has since been raised at council question time.

Contractors parked on the grass while putting up sign saying ‘no motor vehicle parking on the grass verge or footway’ (Picture: BPM MEDIA)

Local councillor Timothy Huxtable asked the city’s Labour leader Ian Ward: ‘Would you instruct council drivers and contractors not to park on grass verges?’

Cllr Ward replied: ‘We place great importance on grass verges in this city.

‘I can’t explain why the contractors parked on that grass verge while putting up the sign and the irony of that fact is not lost on me.’

Keep off the grass signs in Hall Green, Birmingham (Picture: BPM Media)

Transport bosses in Birmingham have been so worried about the damage being done by cars to grass verges they have resorted to putting up the warning signs.

Cllr Ward added: ‘There is no excuse for council contractors, or anyone else for that matter, to park on grass verges.’

He promised to have a reminder sent to staff to reinforce that view.

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