Emmerdale spoilers: Graham has a grim warning for Joe about his future

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Graham Foster is worried for Joe Tate’s future and financial stability following his engagement to Debbie Dingle and made his feelings clear when he laid out a pre-nup agreement for Debbie to find recently in Emmerdale.

And even though it caused a row between Debbie and Joe, Graham remains determined that he protects his assets in case things go wrong – which they always inevitably do in Emmerdale, let’s face it.

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(Picture: ITV)

With Joe getting annoyed with Graham’s interference in his relationship, he orders him to only speak to him about matters relating to the business from now on. Thinking he has taken control and reminded Graham who is boss, Joe is annoyed when Graham just won’t give up in warning him to think of the consequences if he did lose everything in a divorce down the line.

Graham is relieved when Joe eventually relents and agrees to talk to Debbie about signing the agreement but when he broaches the topic, how will Debbie react? Will she think that Joe doesn’t trust her?

And might Graham have sabotaged the wedding plans?

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