EastEnders spoilers: Dot and Dr Legg make a devastating discovery

(Picture: BBC)

Ever since Dot Branning reconnected with her good friend Dr Legg, she has been forced to get her head around the prospect that he is dying in EastEnders. But even though she has determined to be there for him, she receives a letter out of the blue from him and is left fearing the worst.

As she reels from what he meant, old memories of a past trauma haunt Dot but when she eventually meets up with him, he clarifies what he was actually saying and Dot is left relieved. As they sit down with Jay Mitchell to discuss funeral plans, it’s an emotional time for the pair and they are soon reminiscing.

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(Picture: BBC)

Their trip down memory lane prompts Dot to suggest that Dr Legg visits the grave of his parents to pay his respects. Offering to accompany him, Dot persuades the former GP to head to the cemetery but they are met with a heartbreaking sight when they arrive.

As they look down on the graves which have been callously vandalised, Dot and Dr Legg are heartbroken – will this awaken Dr Legg’s fears for his own future as his mortality hits home?

And can Dot be a pillar of strength to her friend in his hour of need?

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